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The municipality of Monchique is characterised by a great diversity of activities that have lasted through time and continue to be developed in traditional ways.
This knowledge, passed on from generation to generation, reflects the way of living and feeling of the population and is an important factor in the identity of this locality.

"Mort porc"
The eating habits are the economic and social portrait of the populations, but they are also frameworks of conduct and cultural identification. The "Slaughter of the Pig" is the custom that marks the winter months in our mountains and constitutes an important manifestation and celebration of the family union and reunion. In fact, this tradition, revealing above all the ancient processes of slaughter, cutting and preservation, as well as the knowledge acquired over time, passed on from generation to generation, plays a relevant social function in rural communities, where participation and collective work are called for.

Production of sausages

It is from this tradition that the famous traditional sausages of Monchique derive, such as farinheiras (meat and flour sausages), blood puddings, chouriças (pork sausages) and "molhos" (rice blood pudding), without forgetting the smoked ham.
Nowadays there are already sausage factories which are legalised and produce all year round.
Local restaurants also offer countless gastronomic options for savouring these products, so emblematic of the region's gastronomy. By knowing and tasting these typical dishes you are also getting to know a tradition.
Comfort food, rustic and substantial dishes are the proposals of the local restaurants that bring together local ingredients such as these traditional sausages and result in simple and ravishing flavours.

The fruit from which the medronho brandy is produced. Strawberry trees grow mainly on the north-facing slopes of hills, as these are the wettest. Their fruit, a spherical drupe of red colour when ripe, is harvested in autumn and gives rise to the famous medronho (liqueur) of Monchique.

Production of medronho brandy.
Fermented by natural enzymes, it is then slowly distilled in copper stills, a task that often takes days and nights. The brandy has a unique flavour, much appreciated by connoisseurs and, when aged in oak casks, becomes smooth to the palate.
- Monchique Medronho Distillery Route 2012