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Local Products

The authenticity of a place also involves its tradition at the table.

It is presented in the form of genuine products that carry ancestral knowledge. Behind each product, there is a tradition that passes from generation to generation and that allows the continuity of the genesis of a people.

To talk about Milhos Aferventados (meat and corn stew), homemade bread, Bolo de Torresmos (bread with pork rinds), "Medronho/Melosa" (liqueur), "Bolo de Tacho" or "Bolo de Enchidos" (bread with sausage pieces) is to talk about the history of a people that was built and that is told around a table, with the affable warmth of those who honour traditions.

  • Milhos Aferventados;
  • Homemade bread
  • Bolo de Torresmos;
  • Medronho/Melosa;
  • Biological Products;
  • Bolo de Tacho;
  • Sausages;
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