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Where to Eat

The richness of Monchique's gastronomy is based on old traditions that families strive to keep alive, passing them on to the following generations.

Traditional sausages, such as chouriça (pork sausage), flour black pudding, ride black pudding and black pudding, not forgetting smoked ham, as well as pork, chickpeas and beans are some of the basic products of the traditional cuisine.

Typical dishes include Couve à Monchique (typical steamed meat and vegetables dish), Assadura (grilled meat seasoned with parsley, garlic and olive oil), corn and beans, beans with cabbage, beans with rice, chickpeas pasta, all made with black pork, which can easily be found in the main restaurants.

The regional sweets are very diversified: besides the Bolo de Tacho, made of maize flour and honey, also known as Bolo de Maio (May Cake), because it is part of the typical 1st of May tables, there are also Folares da Páscoa (Easter Cake), Dom Rodrigo (egg yolk and almond delicacy), honey pudding and Filhós (fried dough).

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