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How to get to Monchique

From Faro:
To get to Monchique from Faro you can choose between bus (https://eva-bus.com/index.php) or train (https://www.cp.pt/passageiros/pt), but first you have to head towards Portimão, from where you can then take another bus to Monchique, a journey which takes approximately 45 minutes. The timetables of the routes and the frequency of the buses vary according to the season and can be found here: https://vamusalgarve.pt/

By car: The fastest way to get to Monchique by car is to take the A1 highway if you are north of Lisbon, or the A2 highway if you are in Lisbon - in this case you will need to cross the 25 de Abril Bridge or the Vasco da Gama Bridge - or south of Lisbon. At the end of the A2 highway you should take the A22 highway towards Portimão and once you have driven part of the A22, the exit is number 5, towards Portimão / Monchique. The next road you should take is the EN 266.

Those who choose not to take the highway to the Algarve can leave the A2 highway at Ourique, take the IC1 road and then take the S. Marcos da Serra bypass (ER 267) - Alferce - Monchique.

By bus: To get to Monchique by bus, you first need to take a transport (bus or train) to Portimão, from where you can then continue to Monchique, a journey which takes approximately 45 minutes. The timetable of the routes and frequency of the buses varies according to the time of year and can be consulted here: https://vamusalgarve.pt/.

Train connections to Portimão may be consulted at https://www.cp.pt/passageiros.

By airplane: The nearest airport is Faro Airport, which has direct connections to several European cities and is 85 kilometres from Monchique (about 1 hour and 20 minutes driving). Lisbon Airport, with more air connections, at a distance of 257 kilometres from the town, (about 3 hours driving), is also an alternative for those who want to visit Monchique.

The airport of Seville in Andalusia (Spain), 200 kilometres from Faro (about two hours driving) and 270 kilometres from Monchique (about three hours driving) is another possible arrival point. If you fly to Seville, you can take a bus to Faro and there are several companies offering this route, namely Alsa (https://www.alsa.com/pt/web/bus/home) or Flixbus (https://www.flixbus.pt/). Flixbus also has direct connections between Seville and Albufeira (53 kilometres from Monchique) and between Seville and Lagos (46 kilometres from Monchique)